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Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet my New Sous Chef Gluten Free Baking Bear Mini

 Gluten Free Baking Bear Mini   

I just did not realize how much work blogging would be.  I was baking and writing and worst of all, trying to figure out how to tag things and learning how to write in HTML.  Whew!  When I met GF Baking Bear Mini while out shopping I knew she was the answer to this feeling of overload.  She was right on board from the start when I approached her.  I spent a little bit of time making her the perfect apron and baking hat.  We are still scouting out appropriately sized baking equipment for her, but she is proving to be a great asset already.  She uplifts and cheers me no matter how things go in the kitchen.

This week we will be posting a recipe on GF Banana Bread, with Vegan, Sugar-Free (Stevia Sweetened) and Dairy Free versions.

Next week our favorite Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting, with Vegan, Sugar-Free (Stevia Sweetened) and Dairy Free versions will be posted.

GF Baking Bear Mini is helping me plan a menu for a GF Afternoon Tea Party that we will be hosting next week. I can't wait to blog about the Tea Party and post the recipes.

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