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Sunday, June 17, 2018


Posted by Bryna Bear aka Gluten Free Baking Bear
     I saw a photo online and I just had to have a chocolate doughnut with chocolate glaze. In my gluten free world in order to fulfill any craving I usually have to bake it myself.  These doughnuts did not disappoint.  They came out very moist with a deep dark chocolate taste and color.  The texture is cake-like, soft and well worth the effort.
    I decided to experiment with my favorite vanilla cake doughnut recipe and change it up into chocolate.  It worked the first time!  Yay!  I used Dutch process cocoa instead of regular cocoa to achieve that deep dark chocolate flavor and look.  Surprisingly, I only recently began using Dutch process cocoa.  Now I sneak a little in when I make things like chocolate syrup for chocolate milk or hot fudge sauce for ice cream or in cookies, etc.  Even replacing one tablespoon of the regular cocoa in a recipe with the Dutch one gives things a stronger chocolate flavor that I love.    
    I recently received silicone doughnuts pans as a present.  I tried the doughnuts in regular and silicone pans.  They come out of both pans easily.   Not having used the silicone pans before it took me a bit to realize that I had to stretch out the sides a bit to loosen the doughnuts.  Both pans produced moist doughnuts that kept well for 3 days at room temperature.
     I have made this recipe a few times now and everyone loved them. 

Makes 12 large doughnuts

¾ cup
Sorghum Flour
½ cup
Tapioca Flour
2 Tbs.
Chickpea Flour
2 Tbs.
Coconut Flour
½ cup
Dutch Process Cocoa Powder
1 tsp.
Xanthan Gum
½ tsp.
Sea Salt
4 tsp.
Baking Powder
1 cup + 2 Tbs.
Sugar (I used evaporated cane juice crystals)
½ cup/4 oz.
Unsalted Butter
for Dairy Free or Vegan use:
 ¼ cup/2 oz. non-dairy margarine (I used Earth Balance Buttery Sticks)
 + ¼ cup/2oz. Shortening (non hydrogenated such as Spectrum)
1 cup
Milk or Cream
for Vegan or Dairy Free use non-dairy milk or cream of choice
2 large
for Vegan mix together in a small bowl: ½ cup water, 2 Tbs corn starch, 2 tsp oil, ¼ tsp baking powder and tsp xanthan gum.
 1 tsp.
Vanilla Extract

¼ cup
¼ cup
1 cup
Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips
optional for decoration

1)     Preheat the oven to 350℉.  Prepare doughnut pans by greasing them with oil.  Set aside.
Silicone doughnut pan greased with oil.

Metal mini doughnut pan greased with oil.
2)    In a medium sized bowl mix the flours, salt, baking powder and xanthan gum.  Set aside.
Flour mixture in bowl.
3)    In a large bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer add the sugar and butter or shortening & margarine and cream together until fluffy.
Butter or margarine & shortening creamed together with the sugar.
4)    Add the eggs or Vegan egg replacer and blend together well.
Vegan egg replacer.

Butter/margarine mixture after eggs mixed in.
This is a vegan batch.
5)    Add of the flour mixture alternately with of the milk, mixing well after each addition.  Repeat until all the ingredients are well blended.
Batter all blended and ready to pipe into the pan.
6)    Place the batter into a gallon sized plastic food storage bag and seal the bag.  Cut off one corner of the bag to make a hole about ¾ inch wide.
7)    Pipe the batter into the greased doughnut pans.  The batter should be just under the top of the pan.
Raw batter in pan.
8)    Bake for 20-25 minutes or until the cake springs back when gently touched or when a wooden toothpick inserted into the thickest part comes out clean.
9)    Allow to cool in the pans 5 minutes before you try to remove the doughnuts.  If using silicone pans wait 10 minutes or they might break apart. 
Doughnuts after baking.
This is a vegan batch.

10)Cool completely on wire racks before putting the chocolate glaze on. 
11)If there is an overflow of batter you can trim the edges of the doughnuts with a kitchen shears to make them look neater.
The batter overflowed while baking.

Doughnuts after trimming the overflow with kitchen shears.
When you trim the edges the baker gets a treat!
12)To make the glaze bring the water and sugar to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the chocolate chips.  Stir until the chips are melted and the glaze is smooth and liquid like.
13)Spread the glaze on the doughnuts with a small offset spatula.
14)Decorate with sprinkles while the glaze is still wet.  It will take at least a half hour for the glaze to set.  Enjoy!